About Our Buses

What is the seating capacity?

The buses have seat capacity for 44 passengers with wide spaces enough for you to sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.


Can I board any scheduled bus on the day of purchasing the ticket?

A standard rate of RM10, one way, is applicable to all Airport Coach busses from KL SENTRAL to KLIA and vice versa at any point of time according to the schedule.

Example: If you have bought your ticket for 10.00am bus, you are required to board the 10.00am bus. If you missed the bus, please proceed to the ticket counter to exchange your ticket for same day use.

When is your first and last scheduled bus?

First bus from KL Sentral is at 05.00am and last bus is at 11.00pm. First bus from KLIA is at 06.30am and last bus is at 12.30am.

Do Airport Coach buses cover LCCT as well?

No, Airport Coach route is only from KLIA to KL Sentral and vice versa for now.

How do I use Airport Coach services if I am arriving in LCCT?

Shuttle services are provided, from KLIA TO LCCT and vice versa. The fare is RM2.50 one way, and operates at every 30minutes interval.

What time do you recommend I should board the bus if I am catching International flights?

Check in at KLIA 3 hours prior to flight departure.
Example: Flight depart from KLIA at 06.30pm, recommended Airport Coach bus to take is 03.00pm.

What time do you recommend, I should board the bus if I am catching domestic flights?

Check in at KLIA 2 hours before departure.
Example: Flight departs from KLIA at 06.30pm, recommended Airport Coach bus to take is 04.00pm.

About Tickets, Discounts and Reservations

Where can I purchase the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online on our webpage or at our Airport Coach ticket counters in KL Sentral and Ground Floor, Block C, KLIA.

What time does your ticket counter start operating in KLIA and KL Sentral?

KLIA Counter opens at 04.30am daily and KL Sentral Counter opens at 04.00am daily.

If I am in overseas, where can I purchase my tickets?

You may purchase tickets online at our webpage and our selected representatives in your country (to be announced).

Is RM10 applicable to all the passengers, including staffs, senior citizen and children?

No. Staffs would get 50% discount where else senior citizen and children aged 6-12 would get 20% discount. Below the age of 6, is free.

Do group travelers get discounts?

Yes. Please contact us at _______, for group travellers consisting of more than 10 persons for information.

Will I get a discount if I purchase my tickets online through your webpage?

It depends on current ongoing promotion. You may check for current ongoing promotion at www.airportcoach.com.my.

How do I make reservations?

Tickets reservations can be made on our webpage, prior to 1 week in advance from the travelling date.

Additional Services

How do I arrange for hotel pickups?

For hotel pickups, please email us at _______ or call us at _________ for reservations. Please do contact us 3 days in advance.

Do you send to all the hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Yes we do send to most hotels within the city area (please refer to Hotel Pick-up Tab for hotel lists). Please do email us 5 days in advance to make arrangements for smoother and convenient causes.

Where can I find information on charter bus?

You may find information at _______. To use this service, please do contact us at _________.

Contact Us

Where do I make complains or general enquiry?

For general enquiry and complaints, please do email us at ______ or contact us at_____.


For complaints, you may email us at ________ or contact us at ____________.

What is the easiest way to contact Airport Coach?

Local, for convenient and speedy services please do call us at _________.

Overseas, for convenient, speedy and free service, please do email us at_______. Please do contact us during office hours, from 9am-9pm.


I have lost my luggage, what should I do?

Please take down the bus number, and contact the counter in KLIA or KL SENTRAL to inform them. Please retain your bus ticket for identification purpose.

What if I have missed my bus?

You may board the next bus according to the scheduled time, if you have missed your current bus, but please proceed to ticket counter to exchange your tickets.

What should I do if I have lost my ticket?

There would be no refund for lost tickets. You will have to purchase another ticket.